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WordPress Web Design Web Designer Sarasota produces modern websites and specializes in the industry’s #1 website software, WordPress. Fifteen years of web design experience, including experience with high-end NYC corporations, differentiates Web Designer Sarasota from other local Sarasota web design companies. In addition, we utilize only the most current website technologies and techniques, to provide optimal website performance and device compatibility. Our web design quality and competitive prices offer Sarasota Web Design clients a value that is difficult to beat.

 Web Designer Sarasota philosophy: “Provide the best of the best”

  • WordPress, the world’s #1 website software
  • Efficient web design production processes
  • “State of the Art” web application functionality
  • Custom, one of a kind web design visuals
  • Responsive and personalized customer service
  • 15 years of web design expertise

A Web Designer Sarasota website conveys a professional image that visitors translate into credibility. The ease of use of a WordPress website will invite visitors to stay longer, and the state-of-the-art website technologies and best practices gives you an advantage over your competition in regards to search engine visibility, browser compatibility, and ever changing website trends.

 Web Designer Sarasota WordPress Themes

WordPress ThemesOne of the foundations behind modern web design is the website “theme” or “skin”. The use of HTML tables for page layouts was common practice for several years, and is stilled used by many old school web designers. During the mid 2000′s, web design coding experienced a code revolution, and the HTML table layout method became depreciated. Instead, DIV containers styled by an externally referenced CSS file became the standard. This CSS file defines the visual attributes of a “Theme” or “Skin”.  This new method of web design allows a website’s graphics, colors, fonts, and content positions to be changed by merely editing code in one CSS file. To change a web design using the prior method, every webpage would need to be manually recoded.

 Web Design and Mobile Displays

Web Designer Sarasota for Mobile DevicesWeb design has evolved once again with the era of mobile devices.  The success of this evolution is due primarily to HTML5, the fifth version of Internet code standards. HTML5 bridges the gap between traditional display devices and the ongoing introduction of new devices. By following best practices of HTML5 web design, a website can display as expected on a broad landscape of devices. A desktop computer, a tablet, a mobile phone or an Internet TV will display an HTML5 website as viewers would expect. Older, non-HTML5 websites may have display problems on modern mobile devices. In the case of old school Adobe Flash websites, they often display nothing.

 Web Design and Search Engines

Web Designers in Sarasota and throughout the world are often asked, “Will this website get me to the first page of Google?”

Web Designer Sarasota SEOIf any website can get you to the first page of Google, it’s a WordPress website. In some instances, WordPress has enabled websites to climb to the first page of Google. But these websites had received initial SEO optimization and were competing for low competition keyword phrases. Honestly speaking, no software or custom web design can propel a website to the first page of the search engines. It’s the content that draws the search engines to your website.

 Web Design and SEO

Web design is not commonly associated with content production. Rather, the web design is a container for displaying the content. Just as with CSS, the content is stored separately from the web design. The web design container provides an attractive look, or a user friendly interface without affecting actual the content data. But SEO requires that actual content not only be edited, but also be created on a regular basis. SEO campaigns will often require 30 to 90 days before results are reported. Faster results will be achieved by publishing more content on a more frequent basis.

 Web Design and Keywords or Tags

SEO is basically comprised of two components. The first component is the article content. Google responds well to a minimum of 300 words per page and at least one image. The article text should be formatted in headers and paragraphs, using proper HTML syntax, .e.g., H1, H2, H3, etc. The second component is the actual search phrase that will be the focus of the article. A keyword analysis needs to be performed on select phrases.  What would someone type into Google to find your website’s offering. These phrases will be used in the content of your website. Google will scan and record your keyword phrase and compare your website to other websites competing for the same phrase.

We love the informed and educated web design customer.

educated-customerThis page is a brief summary of the web design process.  Has this page been information overload? Does it provide helpful information?  Or is it bunch of mumbo jumbo? Regardless of your answer, I hope this page has be useful for you. Web Designer Sarasota believes that a customer who understands how the process works, will always be a satisfied customer.

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